March 24, 2005

Why me? Why now?

The expanded version of the questions are

why should i write a blog and why do it now?

well the second one is easier to answer..i was just too lazy till now

First one is much more difficult. But i shall try, i guess i am passing through a "flux" phase in life crossed my 25th bday (abt 6 months back) . so lots of stuff about my life are changing (to know in details keep reading later posts!!). so may be i should keep track of my "thought processes". who knows, 100 years later historians might chance upon me :)
ok..enough of the bullshit...the reason is that i always wanted to keep a diary (started it zillions of times) but never could sustain my self. lost interest every single time. this time i am determined NOT to be so lets see..wait n watch :)

and what will you find in this blog??

well..anything i chose to write..didnt u read the title?? :)



OG said...

Welcome to the world of bloggers!!!
Have fun posting =)

Megha said...

Hello there! Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. Hope you enjoy it here as much as some of us do! There, i've done the token welcoming speech, so I can shut up now :)

Thanks for dropping by on my blog and commenting (although on a really old post). Hope to see you around on some of the more recent ones in the future!

Matter of Choice said...

yeah megha,

i stumbled upon your posts during my babysteps in the world of blogging. the post might have been old but it certainly was too good not to comment on!
shall check out your newer ones

silverine said...

Well the historians will be hard pressed to find much matter here if you dont start blogging more regularly:))