September 18, 2005

Female Blogging!

In the last six months of life in blogosphere, i made a startling discovery!

There are lotsa more wonderful female bloggers, especially Indians, than male bloggers. This is not to denigrate the male half of the indian blogging world (of which there are quite a few celebrities!) but just something i saw.

I have often pondered over this, especially after a few pegs when my drinking buddies begin to make "well thats because you are biased towards finding female bloggers than male bloggers" kinda statements.

Well, today i got a partial answer. Was just browsing through old newspapers in my living room (making a desperate and totally unsuccesful attempt to clean up) when i came across this article in Hindu. Immediately went online and found the link as i wanted to share my discovery!

Here is the link : Blog Sisters Are Here

what the article basically says is that women blog because they often need a medium to let out their feelings anonymously. Hmmm..that set me thinking (which i can occasionally do even without having a peg!).

My immediate reaction was to reject it out of hand. Well men too need anonymity. Anonymity is a need for both males/females when they want to express their frustrations about boss, work, client, partner, inlaws etc!.

But, in the absence of a drink to celebrate my thoughtful rejection of an idea, i continued to chew over it!. And that was a mistake, as i found going back on my conclusions, something which i hate to do :( is true that women need more anonymity than a man (atleast in india) when they talk about the relationships they had, the ones they hope to have, their ideas on marriage, love etc..especially if one is single and comes from a conservative family background.

So i dedicate this post to all those wonderful female bloggers i have stumbled upon (and all those whom i havent too!), keep blogging in the brutally honest way that you so often do. u add a wonderful and totally new (atleast to me) perspective!.

Disclaimer: This is not a pick up blog :)) and i absolutely convincingly remain as a true blue MCP as my next post will show. This is just an aberration!


September 11, 2005

Tagging Along

Got tagged by Silverine twice :). First one is still on the works, then for a change i thought i will move onto the second tag. This looked easy enuff in the begining but then found out to my horror that this one requires a lot of honest answers :).

Actually once i started to write this blog it was quite enjoyable. I have never ever jotted down all the things that i want to do. So like Jiby suggested it is good to have them all in one place so that we can check back after 10 years to see how we are doing. So here i go!

Seven things you plan to do before you die (well actually i dont plan to die..but i guess i have no choice there!)

1) Become an entrepreneur

2) Write a book (Sighs by overworked, exasperated editors :) )

3) Run the Boston marathon

4) Climb K2 (earlier it was Mt Everest but people have started landing helicopters there..yuck!)

5) Visit the coldest desolate places in earth and trek through them. The places i have in mind are Mongolia, Siberia, Alaska, Antartica, Lapplands (sweden)

6) Do a Phd in economics (this is just for intellectual masturbation haha!!)

7)Become a gentleman farmer/planter in munnar or its environs. Retire there with a huge library, gallons of single malt scotch and a cook who can make beef dry fry (well..even a wife would do i guess!!!)

Seven things you can do!

1) Become an entreprenur

2) Run the bangalore marathon

3) Go for the one month mountaineering training camp in Uttarkashi and trekking in ladakh & sikkim

4) Learn cooking (incase no cook or wife wants to settle in munnar!)

5) Build up a huge library

6) Retain all the beautiful friendships i have gathered and build more

7) fall in love and stay down...forever!

Seven things you cant do!

1) I cant be a pessimist

2) I cant look down on people

3) I cant stop reading

4) I cant stop trying to flirt (and fail miserably:) )

5) I cant dismiss "chick flicks"..infact they are my favs

6) I cant tolerate loneliness

7) I cant forgive treachery, arrogance and cowardice

Seven things that attract you to opposite sex (ahem could it be sex?:)) )

1) Adventure

2) Humour (the more sardonic the better)

3) Independence

4) Intelligence

5) women who can give you the space you need and ask for the space they need

6) Women whom i can talk to for hours and still feel the desire to continue talking

7) Women who likes me for what i am and never tries to force me to do anything that i dont want to ( is excused, so is washing and ironing!! )

Seven things you say most!

1) deyyyyyy
2) Athu pallil poyi para
3) machaa
4) beeeer
5) kallu readddddy aano???
7) and several colourful words i use in the company of my school/college friends

Seven celebrity crushes

1) Nandita Das - for the sparkle in her eyes

2) Audrey Hepburn - again the sparkle

3) Princess Diana - for the grace

4) Demi Moore - for the sheer sensuality

5) Meg Ryan - for the innocence

6) Arundhati Roy - for the wild streak (even if i dont agree with half or even more of what she says!)

7) Helen Hunt - I dont know why!

It's been a revealing experience to jot down this blog. I actually spent much more time than i planned on this blog. But every moment was worthwhile. Thankx silverine!

Now that i have written down these desires of mine for all eternity to see (gee..i am really stuffy!!) am planning on how/when to do quite a few of them!

Unfortunately most of my friends from the blog world have already been tagged for this post. So i would tag Deepak George in the hope that he finally resumes his blogging. Ponna are you listening?