September 18, 2005

Female Blogging!

In the last six months of life in blogosphere, i made a startling discovery!

There are lotsa more wonderful female bloggers, especially Indians, than male bloggers. This is not to denigrate the male half of the indian blogging world (of which there are quite a few celebrities!) but just something i saw.

I have often pondered over this, especially after a few pegs when my drinking buddies begin to make "well thats because you are biased towards finding female bloggers than male bloggers" kinda statements.

Well, today i got a partial answer. Was just browsing through old newspapers in my living room (making a desperate and totally unsuccesful attempt to clean up) when i came across this article in Hindu. Immediately went online and found the link as i wanted to share my discovery!

Here is the link : Blog Sisters Are Here

what the article basically says is that women blog because they often need a medium to let out their feelings anonymously. Hmmm..that set me thinking (which i can occasionally do even without having a peg!).

My immediate reaction was to reject it out of hand. Well men too need anonymity. Anonymity is a need for both males/females when they want to express their frustrations about boss, work, client, partner, inlaws etc!.

But, in the absence of a drink to celebrate my thoughtful rejection of an idea, i continued to chew over it!. And that was a mistake, as i found going back on my conclusions, something which i hate to do :( is true that women need more anonymity than a man (atleast in india) when they talk about the relationships they had, the ones they hope to have, their ideas on marriage, love etc..especially if one is single and comes from a conservative family background.

So i dedicate this post to all those wonderful female bloggers i have stumbled upon (and all those whom i havent too!), keep blogging in the brutally honest way that you so often do. u add a wonderful and totally new (atleast to me) perspective!.

Disclaimer: This is not a pick up blog :)) and i absolutely convincingly remain as a true blue MCP as my next post will show. This is just an aberration!



silverine said...

Thank you for the aberration!!! :)

A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle. Irina Dunn, 1970

I tend to agree with this particular line of thought, that I picked up by following your link :))

Anonymous blogging is synonymous with honest blogging. And to me, my blog is a sacred spot where I tell no lies. A place where I can let my hair down, say what I have to say and I really feel good about it, cos all that I have penned down has been in total honesty.It gives me a rush that nothing can :)) And yes we gals do blog to connect. And I am eternally grateful to the bloggers with whom I have connected ..eventhough 99% percent of my readers are males :)

I am so glad that I have been able to connect to the opposite sex too, in issues as diverse as friendship, work and even a mundane subject as passwords!!!! So... I think even guys need to connect. and in my experience we all need a sweet spot where we can collectivley let out our frustrations, desires, ambitions, ruminations, moanings and groanings because there will be always that a blogger who will empathise with you.

Great great post. Heartfelt thanks!

silverine said...

p.s. Congratulations on crossing the 5000 mark!!!

Jiby said...

rightly said...i have wondered why women bloggers need to be anonymous... but I guess it is that anonymity thats makes their blogs places to keep revisiting on the net, for being so forthright in putting forward their views...though we agree with them or not. well i am also an incorruptible MCP but lets give them a pat for their wonderful blogs!

hope and love said...

nice post..
ya leting out ur emotions is what that make blogging so fantastic..

Praveen said...

hmmmm.... woman bloggers and anonymous. Now that u say it, it looks so true. I hadnt noticed that before :)

Geo said...

This looks like a meeting place for all the MCPs and anonymous women bloggers (or women anonymous bloggers, whichever is logically correct)

Count me in Sir... :_)

PS: Kudos to all the anonymous women bloggers who make this blogworld an interesting place to float around.

the-think said...

To get commended for one's need of anomynity and for being brutally honest...and for being a (nice) woman! Purrfect!
You're all out to make many women happy...and here's one :)

the-think said...

hehe..tough word, this one!

Matter of Choice said...


Thankx for that beautiful comment. It sure deserved to be a blog in itself!

"in my experience we all need a sweet spot where we can collectivley let out our frustrations, desires, ambitions, ruminations, moanings and groanings because there will be always that a blogger who will empathise with you" that is soooo not just for women but for men too!

meanwhile, that particular quote intrigued me so much i googled on it..and look what i found!,

"Man needs God like a fish needs a bicycle" -- Men's-room graffiti in a Berkeley, California bar during the late 1960s, quoted by Robert Anton Wilson in Cosmic Trigger. This was later bastardized by feminists to read: "A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle" or something along those lines.

I am glad i found the origin of one of one of the most iconoclastic feminist slogans :)

check it out

Matter of Choice said...

@ Jiby n Geo: yep we MCP's seem to be much more amenable to feministic emotions in the blog world :). But one certainly has to say for them, that they make this world (real n virtual) damn interesting. After all whats life if people agree on everything :)

@HnL: well your fantastic blogs make me emotional and helps me put my teeny weeny cribs in to "context" :)

@Praveen: well there are many women who arent anonymous in the blog world too, everyone's got their cuppa tea

@The-Think: I vehmently protest at the aspersions cast against my MCPhood. But i am glad i made people happy :), Do women ever wonder why most men liked to be called MCP's, just curious :)


Euphoric Dreamer said...

interesting prospects !

Parna said...

somehow i felt since the first time i stumbled upon your blog, that you are a very empathetic, as a person and that is what draws me to this place.

there is a need to be honest true, but at the same time, like you so nicely pointed out, there is a need to be anonymous for the various reasons sited by you. and yes, bonding is one of the reasons, though maybe not the primary one.

and MCP? baah! i think thats just a act you put up due some peer (?) pressure or the like. yes?

Neil Padayatty said...

You don't sound MCP at all!
That's a thoughtful post! Now that you've set me thinking this way, I'll tell you the ladies who blog sound more real than half the ladies I see around me in my University! (you know the cho chweet, the 'Poo' clones from K3G types)
In fact, that's the case with most of the blogging community. Out here, in blogworld, most of us are what we actually are, and not the phonies, society life requires us to be.
That explains, the solace I find in blogworld, when one's totally disillusioned with the world we are in!

Matter of Choice said...

@euphoric: huh? didnt get what u meant, anyways thankx for dropping by. ur photoblog looks greaaat!

@Parna: thankx a lot for the kind words. ahem, about the MCP..u might be correct there :)

@neil: yeah, its the lack of phonies that drew me to the blog world. well there are phonies in blog world too..but one can avoid them much more easily than in real world!, thankx for dropping by

the-think said...

Oh hey! I've wondered too! 'Coz they get this feigned irritated look while you know they might actually like it!
Maybe some kinda feeling of mob-belonging! hehe

Jithu said...

anonymity sometimes is essential not only to women bloggers.. coz anomity brings in freedom of expression irrespective of gender.. bt yeah i have to agree that the social setup prevailing in india tend to be skewed towards male, one agrees or not.. which makes anonymity to females makes a necessity..

Pradeep said...

I don't think there is any difference between men and women regarding anonymity. It has more to do with what is written and whether he/she feels comfortable with it. As simple as that.

Anonymous said...

i dun think anonymity is a big issue after losin ur job.. once ur back home with a guarantee that u neednt wake up at 8 again that puts u before the Pc with a new found zeal, that u write acrimony and eulogy takin names... i do take names when i spite and i dont mention names when i praise, because i ve lost my job and i ve none to praise for it. nice blog. but women u gotto its time u come out of the shell and say ur name if it isnt that bad :))

Nunzia said...

Good to know women are blogging! Especially in other places in the world!

KD said...

ur Blog brother also restarted his blog :)

BTW the Word Verification i got 4 u
was f***up !!!!

*** = ish, b4 u get nasty ideas :)

..likely the last article in this blog :) so don;t bother visiting it :D
will let u know if and when I start my nth blog :P

PS :) me having a hangover ;) so don;t balme me if dis ain;t make no sense :D

Matter of Choice said...

@Jithu: Yep its the social set up that i sorta wanted to highlight

@Pradeep: Might be true, but a man atleast doesnt need to fear stalking!

@Lash: Use names when u want to spite them but dont use it when u want to praise them. now thats a wonderful way to write! i wish i could do that!

@nunzia: thankx for dropping in

Matter of Choice said...

@KD: So the king is back, All hail the king :)

dude u r the first person whom i know in real life who has actually commented in my blog :)

u having a hangover??? yeah then i am a born again evangelist/vegetarian :))

hope to cya arnd more buddy


r r said...

If women blog, what do men do? I figured all of us single folks blog cuz it's cheaper to vent online rather than going out with friends every night to vent. blogging is sort of a self-therapy for men and women alike, i thought. hmmm looks like i was wrong. I've never blogged about anything I wouldn't say to anyone in real life neither do I think I would .... help me relate!? :(

other than that, loved the post ... you let loose and well, that's what writing/bloggin is all about, innit! cheers.

Parna said...

time for some updates?

Matter of Choice said...

@rr: well some people do write blogs on stuff that they dont/cant talk about. i face no such issue as i am a loud mouth :)). checked out ur blog..loved ur post on the abandoned wives.

@parna: ahem...yep..time to get my lazy butt moving!

r r said...

hey anish! thanks for droppin by and of course, the encouraging words :) .... canadian health system is better than Uk/US in the sense that you don't have to pay for the services first hand .... it's all run by the tax money which of course reduces the profit motive for the health agencies ---> less money ---> less doctors ---> longer waiting lines ----> lower quality ..... you are right when you say "no system is perfect".

Like I was telling my dad today morning when he was explaining to me how nobody BUT god is perfect ...
"Dad, nobody is perfect and I am a mere mortal - a nobody; hence, I must be perfect" .... he wasn't too pleased with the idea. hehe

cheers! i shall be waiting for my present on my birthday :p

Shiv said...

I guess that s y bloggin has become so famous all over..we tend to express our feelings without getting it guys or gals... :) Nice post here

Maya Cassis said...

just started blogging and stumbled on to this..inspiring!!

Bombay Dosti said...

Your blogs are pretty interesting.. Anonymity... hmmmm
and its just wonderful that you are open to reconsidering your first reactions.. thats not how a chauvanist would be like...

Anita said...

Hello, stumbled on your page and it was nice reading your posts and especially this one. continue writing..