October 25, 2005

Back 2 Blog!

I am back!!!!

About a month back me n my roomies decided to shift from our then abode. we hated the place but loved the location. The flat was supposedly furnished but all the furnishings were slightly older than us! However, the location kinda made up for it. Walking distance to a beautiful beach (a fav haunt of couples n so a fav haunt of us three eligible bachelors too!!), opp food world, few decent restaurants, ATM, a tasmaq (thats the booze seller) shop and very close to a shop which sells smuggled liquor (shhhh..dont tell any one!!).

So we started looking for a 3 bed room apartment, preferably furnished, in the same vicnity. Immediately we lucked out on a beautiful place right next to our old place, brand new apartment, luxuriously furnished (and by luxuary i mean real luxuary not the definition usually used by landlords in their ads!) with brand new appliances. The rent was sligtly high but all three of us loved the place. We will never be able to afford a place like this later and hence decided to go for posh this time :).

Well it was time to shift and everything went smooth..or atleast i thought so!. In the old place, i had a sify broadband connection but the new apartment was connected by Airtel. I thought its cool untill i found out that Airtel wont give broadband connection to bachelors!!!!!!!!!!!. The service guy specifically mentioned that "sir..you are all bachelors in the age group of 25-27". Now we thought that makes us "eligible" bachelors while for Airtel it made us "ineligible" bachelors atleast for their broadband connection!

Yeah, it seems some corporate honcho decided that bachelors are not welcome customers for their broadband (while they are welcome for airtel's cellular service). Had to run around for one full month to get this resolved. Thankfully my company had a corporate connection with Airtel and when i cntacted the account manager he was quite apologetic and said he will waiver the requirement for us. i am impressed with Airtel customer service and service quality but mebbe they need to change their rules a bit!.

Well...it wasnt the end of our broadband travails. We gave them a copy of our lease agreement and it seems a few lines got cut while photocopying (the lease document was of a different sized paper). Suddenly we get a call from Airtel's legal department accusing us of forging a lease agreement (yeah me too rolling my eyes!!). Grrrrr...had to run aorund a bit to sort it out again!.

Finally, we got our much anticipated broadband connection today today. So now we are comfortably settled in our new plush posh home and planning to stay there for a while. I hope to be a more regular blogger now on, its always a pain to blog from office!



flaashgordon said...

Dont know y u had a pbm with Airtel Broadband connxn. i fit ur kinda description too but they gave it so easily...Now got an "all night free" package meaning that i can download full movies etc via limewire!!

Neway congrats on ur new place

One of the pbms with B'lore is that there's no beach !!Hmm for a weather like this guess i'll sacrifice that!


Jiby said...

that wuz hilarious...couldnt understand the logic behind bachelors and broadband connections...maybe related to too many movie downloads eating up their bandwidth...i dont know!!!

nothing can beat hanging around a beach with buds...but then i hate the cops who think we are there to eve-tease or to get hold of drugs. lookin forward to more regular blogging from you .

silverine said...
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Parna said...

congrats on the new plush, posh home :)

silverine said...

hmm I sympathise with the Airtel guys. The corporate account did them in or they would have gotten rid of certain category of subscribers who use their hallowed bandwidth for ahem not so hallowed purposes.

Congrats on the plush home :)

Geo said...

New posh house..
New broadband connection...

Full masti? ;_)

Matter of Choice said...

@ flaash: dont know why we got the problem. could be the typical chennai attitude to bachelors (that all bachelors are immoral hell raisers!!). yeah we took the unlimited package too :))

@Jiby: even we couldnt understand it. They were ready to give the connection if we gave a 3k deposit. but for families the deposit was waived off. we took the moral highground and refused to pay any additional money coz we were bachelors!!!
yeah..the beach near our place is pretty cool..even the cops dont disturb u much..we 've had drinks in the beach late night

@parna: yep...its really great. and u shuld see the place. 3 of the dirtiest, laziest bachelors have kept the house real clean for the last one month!!

@Silverine: our bandwidth usage is for hallowed purposes :). we shall fight the mainstream world against its tendency to exploit poor bachelors!!!!!

@geo: yep...its fullll mastiiii :))

PS: ahem..mebbe we shouldnt have crowed so much about our house. The word has reached our respective families. Both my roomies parents are landing up this week and mine has started to make noises about visiting chennai (rolling my eyes!!). the sole consolation is that one roomies dad has promised to come loaded with scotch and smirnoff :))

Praveen said...

Congrats on the posh home and the broadband connection. Hope to see more posts from you now.

wacky-weird-woman said...

:) Congrats on the new house! and on the new broadband connection as well! and Welcome back to the blogging world!

hope and love said...

nice to have u back
have a great time in ur new home..