June 09, 2005

One For Narcissistic Me!

Visitors to my blog crossed 1000!! (i swear i had blocked all my 3 IP address from the calculations!).

Thankx everyone!

good job anish; may u soon reach the "five figure" :)



silverine said...


You are a silent winner ! With a lot of silent admirers too I must say.

Kiran said...

HI Anish..
thanks for stopping by my blog...its great to go through ur blog.. quiet interesting and a nice ethnic templete..
COngrats on crossing the 1000 mark and i sure it would one day reach a 6 figure mark soon :)
Blogrolled u at my site..
take care

Matter of Choice said...

@silverine: Yeah loads and loads of silent admirers :)

@kiran: thankx a lot

Praveen said...

Congrats Anish! Hopefully I will have a similar post when mine crosses 1000.

Pradeep said...

Congrats, Anish...
I am sure the figure will grow by leaps and bounds...

Arvind said...

congrats... landed over here via Praveen's blog.