January 29, 2006

8 Commandments

Rules of the game are...when you finish one tag u will be given yet another tag to do :))...so thankx Silverine for the tag :)

Here i go!

Sex of the target: Female

1) She should have a great smile (ok...wrong point to start on...i can see several female chauvinistic pigs already sharpening their knife!)

2) She should like me for what i am and not what i can be made into (Eggzcuze me...i am not a lump of clay to be moulded into any shape!)

3) She should be ready to put up with my "reasonable" eccentricities and i will try to return the favor (and if i forget she is free to remind me the deal!). The not-possible eccentricities we can make a deal on.

4) she should like bald men (hint hint...dont ever tell me that i didnt warn u!)

5) She should demand her space and allow me my own space (but only occasionally can she claim that the bedroom is her space and throw me out to sleep on the couch!)

6) She should be ready to take my cooking experiments with a whole lot of tomato sauce (or else she can command the whole kitchen and i will wash up!)

7) i am quite forgetful...One of the recent gaffes that i committed was when i wished a special gal happy bday one day ahead of the actual date (hope she has forgiven me!). i will be very very glad if i could be given some hints (preferably very obvious ones!).She should understand that when i promise something...the promise isnt meant to be forever.so feel free to remind me of them occasionally. On similar lines, resoultions (even new year one's) are made to be broken so dont even expect them to be fulfilled :)

8) I like to argue..fight and make up!..ok..i dont like it..but then thats the way i am..so expect a rollercoaster ride with me..not a cruise ship experience!

so is there anyone available for the ride? :)

I shall refrain from passing on this tag to anyone (one of my new year resolutions is to be less sadistic :) )



silverine said...

1. I can see a lot of merrymaking in the mktg. offices of Pepsodent, Colgate etc. in the months to come :|
2.Looks like you don't like to be womanhandled :)
3.Please elaborate. Does this include walking with an umbrella in the night and doing yoga on a traffic island :|
4.Would you consider hair transplantation? That wouldn't come under 'moulding' I think :|
5.This I like, can she claim the neighbours bedrom as her space? :|
6. So you own a Tomato Sauce factory I preseume SF
7.What can be a more obvious hint of a birthday I wonder? ;)
8.As long as the roller coaster is a Merc I don't mind ;)

That was fast! And pigs will fly now!!!!!!


Anil The Great said...

MoC : I thought new year resolutions were made to be broken , but you seems to be getting lured by them, see you already followed one "Not to be saiditic" by not tagging people.

Not Good :D

Oh BTW, send this mail to god too, he need to get a new mould prepared :))


silverine said...

@ATG:send this mail to god too, he needs to get a new mould prepared :)) heh heh well said.

@MoC:Any right thinking woman /gal will not touch with you with a barge pole after reading this tag. You have just condemned yourself to eternal bachelorhood :))

Matter of Choice said...

@Silverine: i dont want any right thinking woman/gal...arent there any left liberal "make love not war" hippie gals around? SF

"condemned" myself to eternal bachelorhood?? bullshit...i just redeemed myself from eternal domestic slavery STO. see we have different perspectives!

@anil: et tu dude...isnt it an unwritten rule that men stand together when one of their kin is attacked by vultures affiliated o FCP? (female chauvinistic pig)!

Cne said...

Hey MoC,
Don't listen to these gals....given a chance, they'ld like to take over the planet and paint it a bright 'baby pink'.
Be safe in the fact that 99 % of the eligible bachelors on earth,are thinking the same way as u.And IF the women don't like it,hard luck!! They can search for a suitable guy from a diferent planet!!

Matter of Choice said...

I always knew i could count on a fellah kazakh to come for my rescue..Thankx buddy :)


Geo said...

I am sure you have provoked quite a few FCPs with those points 1, 2, 7 and 8. Guess you should get ready to face the consequences.

Nice list, man...

Btw, does Kazakh mean SS Kazhakkoottam ?

Matter of Choice said...

@geo: well...i am all set to face the consequences :)). yep our alumni answer to the call kazakhs..btwn i had talked to anish manu a few days back..he is enjoying it in chennai with CTS..he cribs that he doesnt have any work! (dont ask me since when it became a crib!!)


F.C.P said...

@MoC: You don't have a matter of choice in this matter. We are not going anywhere. We will mould you as we please right here on mother Earth!!

Matter of Choice said...

@ FCP: So the cowardly FCP brigade has finally woken up :)

u are welcome to try n mould me anytime anywhere, preferably at night in my bedroom:))


PS: I am a filing a PIL in supreme court to have mother earth replaced by fatherland STO

F.C.P said...

Sure we can have the moulding machine set up in your bedroom at night. It's your funeral and this is the least we can do Muahahahaha

Some idea of mouldings for you :
1. cook
2. maid
3. housekeeper

We are afraid the moulding machine has just so many moulds SF

Matter of Choice said...

Ok...good...now let your lousy mould machine make some moulds...

i need

1 cook

1 maid

1 housekeeper

now go do the moulding ASAP (preferably out of FCP's)


Arti Honrao said...

Nice post n nice list.
but I wud say *ditto* to what ATG says ;))


F.C..P said...

So you want to be three-in-one? Ok, will do. We like ambitious MCPs. But mind you being a cook cum maid cum housekeeper is a tough job. It's your call. We shall mould you tonight.And guess what? Since you will be all three you will save pots of money in salary!!! ;)

Sreejith Kumar said...

she should like bald men!!!!!!!
Are you sure?!!!!!!!

Mind Curry said...

since its a matter of choice, i think your tag is just brilliant. she should like bald men just think of bruce willis..theres plenty of hope.

Praveen said...

Hmmm... there was a lot of humour here that i enjoyed , esp the fourth point :)

Kiran said...

ahan...says a lotta things here...

Mayacassis said...

that was a fun eight points.

protector said...

cool ideas let it happen:P

Anonymous said...

You have taken traits from your personality to arrive at your dream girl's profile.You are on the right course.

I finally figured out how to comment here. I will definitely be a regular visitor here :)

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