May 03, 2006

Running With Idiots

How sick can we get??

Making a 4 year old run 65 km?

Having all so called "news" channels giving live commentary?

Having 300 para-military ppl giving him "company"?

Having the poor kid mouth inane homilies like " can run as much as you want me to. I want to restore India’s pride" gawwwwd...i want to puke!


silverine said...

Believe me I found his homilies revolting too for he was clearly tutored. But you got to hand it to him for attempting the feat. Though I do not know if he is doing it out of free will or was forced by his parents.

Hey keep posting like this :)

Matter of Choice said...

@silverine: i cant for the life of me imagine a 4 year old kid doing this of his own choice!!. This is criminal!

silverine said...

:)) Maybe he is a child prodigy.

flaash said...

Obviously forced by parents who wanted a wee bit of fame! Like every other kid Guinness Book aspirants however..

These people thought they'll throw in a bit of patriotism too

As u say ...Sickening!

Kusum Rohra said...

Jeez this is really shocking, how could the parents have let the child run?

Brijesh said...

making a 4 year child run is not good for child's health.
Read this.