April 24, 2005

A New Day

Well its monday morning. somehow found myself at the office earlier than the regular timings :)!
Today is the begining of a new life for me!, i have made some promises to myself. i will not talk about the particulars right now..but may be sometime later i will do that (depending on whether they were succesful or not!)

Just read a good news in Indian Express. 8 employees of the great eastern hotel in calcutta has taken voluntary retirement. This hotel is state owned (by a marxist state government) and been rotting for the last few decades. The government has belatedly woken up and been trying to privatize this hotel but ofcourse the unions oppose it. These 8 employees taking the VRS might shakeup the unions and pave the way for privatization. I have never been to calcutta, but i come from kerala which has a similar communist background. From my own experience (yeah...thats correct!) i know how crazy, stupid can these commies be ...living in their own bubbles... So this is a good news to start the day off!


ps: i soon plan to write about the new pope..so keep looking in!

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silverine said...

Only eight employees??? well it's a start I guess. I have heard of buildings crumbling but some of our 'institutions' just refuse to give in to the vagaries of time. A unique phenomena confined to India I think.