April 25, 2005


Watching the sunrise in a beach is always an experience, even if its a beach in chennai !
Mind you, i have nothing against chennai, this is where i have been working for more than an year now and got some good friends too. But boy, is this place hot!!!

I come from a hot n humid place myself, but Chennai is at a "higher level". Today morning got up early (like 5.00 AM, first time in years!) and thought i will visit the beach near to my home. reached the beach at around 5.30 and it was quite a stunning sight. even though the place was crowded (with the morning walkers) the sea was calm n beautiful (especially with the fishermen folks boat all around).

But it was not to last..by 6 AM the fucking place became so hot..it was blazing. Even my usually thick skin couldnt take it. and to think that summer probably hasnt reached the peak yet!
anyway almost ran home..and switched on the AC. wow..that was heavenly!..i think the guy who invented AC is far more creative than god himself :)
Check out father of cool

keep cool this summer


Swathi said...

njoyed reading these thot.without being pretentious u have captured both beauty(of sunrise) n frustration (of the heat) so well.

n thx to the link found something 'bout the inventor of AC(without which Hyd'bad summers r pretty bad):))

silverine said...
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sajith90 said...

Enjoyed the blog. kep it up