May 03, 2005

Extinct Species To Endangered Species

Environmental degradation is a fact of life; so is species moving into the extinct list.

But once in a while, against the flow, few previously though-to-be extinct species turns out to survivors; albeit in small numbers. recently two such magnificient creatures moved back from the extinct list to the endangered list

Angola's Giant Sable Antelope

Arkansas Ivory-Billed Woodpecker

These two incidents are a joyful occasion; but it should not turn us away from the challenges of eco-conservation. Just imagine that we are being given a second chance to do better; there may not be a third chance!


silverine said...

Really glad to hear this news. Am a amateur bird watcher and know a fair bit of the Nilgiri bird population.In fact I will be going on one such expedition next week.

Matter of Choice said...

ah well...

the birds that i watch are not classified as "endangered" :)
i came across these two news items very closely and thought it might be quite interesting


silverine said...

Well.... the type of bords u watch are diferent from my feathered freinds. anyways the links were really interesting.

R-Cha-Na said...

Hi anish, I just saw your post in my blog - crashcomet.

Please send me your email id. If it is apparent anywhere on your website, forgive my oversight.


Anonymous said...

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