May 09, 2005

V for Victory! M for Mother!

Mother's Day (May 8th) comes just after the Victory Day for World War II (celebrated on May 7th in the west and May 9th in the former USSR)

It might well be a coincidence as Mother's Day was celebrated even before WW II but it is also apt that it comes immediately after V Day, in memory of the millions of mothers who lost their sons in the great war.

WW II in a nutshell

Generally, it is accepted that history is written by the victorious. Even in that cynical mood, i have to conclude that WW II was the last great war where the fight was actually "Good vs. Evil".

First world war was just a fight between two sets of armies (both of which were after territories in Asia and Africa) while most of the other major wars that i can recollect (including several that India fought) were mostly territorial/politically motivated.

WW II showed us the extremes of evil that mankind, if left to its own devious leaders, can reach. It showed us what racism and religious persecutions can lead to. It showed us how even a methodical, logical nation can become subservient to a megalomaniac. But it also showed us how nations can unite (albeit in their "national" interest) and people come together to fight the evil.

Ultimately, WW II also allows us to hope for mankind's future because just when the "good" had no more beaches to retreat from, no more bunkers to hide in, no more food to feed on and no more ammunition to fight with, THE TIDE TURNED.

So let us salute the heroes who won the world for us 60 years ago and keep our minds (and knives!) sharp so that evil never ever becomes so BIG

ps: and forgive me mom, for even on Mother's Day only these depressing thoughts come to my mind :)


silverine said...

Why don't you just enjoy the day wishing your Mom and spending time with her instead of ruminating over unpleasant historical events?

Matter of Choice said...

yeah i could have done that. btwn u do have a way of getting right to the point. dont you? :)

silverine said...

hmmmm better than beating around the blog bush. :)