August 30, 2005

When A Giant Killer Become The Giant

For the last 7 years or so Google was everyone's darling!.

Initially darling of hard core techies, then of normal people (not that techies are abnormal) who frequently use internet search, then of the general public as they caught up with the David vs. Goliath drama and finally of the financial markets (since its IPO last year)

For silicon valley, desperately looking for a company which can take on Microsoft (and disappointed by failed messiahs like Netscape) Google was the big hope!. I remember joining my post-grad course and hearing about this "search engine" on the net which can give you all the information u need (and some u dont!)..all done at lightening speeds!. Ever since, i have been a google fan.

But the attraction of google was not just its superior product offering but also the "Under dog" image. David vs. Goliath fight always ensures that the audience is one-sided. But what may be google forgot was that if David wins then he becomes the next Goliath and that other lil Davids will be taking aim at him.

Well, the honeymoon seems to be over for the google phenomenon!. Google itself has become a giant, humbled Mircosoft (as admitted by Microsoft themselves). Now the Google giant is moving into so many non-search fields that they will inevitably step on the toes of other startups. Now the cycle will start again. Google will become the company that everyone in silicon valley will want to beat.the competitive streak in the valley will ensure that. good luck guys!

I found these two articles both by New York Times. Made interesting reading!

Relax Bill Gates; It's Google's Turn As The Villain

This is about how poaching and jumping on to every possible opportunity in the net by Google frustrates startup co's

Google Anything, So Long as It's not Google

This is even more interesting. A reporter from CNET wanted to write an article about privacy on the internet. She hit upon a novel way of begining the article. She spent 30 minutes googling on Eric Schimdt (CEO of google) and began the article with what info she found. So what would you expect google to do? well i would have expected them to have a good laugh and join in the debate.

What google did was to complain to CNET abt disclosure of private information (come on came from ur search engine itself!) and then went ahead and announced that it will not speak to any CNET reporter for one year!!!.

Signs of hubris?? or is it a sign of google becoming just another faceless corporation?? well the jury is out..and google better watch its steps

ps: blogspot is owned by google i believe :)
pps: i remain an ardent supporter of google and its products. I hope they dont change , but history suggests otherwise. Every "innovative company" ends up becoming a follower, thats the life cycle i guess!


Parna said...

well said. goolging was naturally coined post-google. and gmail i believe has lots of privacy related issues, or so claim the anit-google lobby.

hope and love said...

hmm.. txs to my blogpals im getting educated in all these things.

silverine said...

I read the article you linked here and am saddened at Google's aggressive ambitions. I have always considered Google to be the common man's service. Hope Google realises that there will always be Davids lurking in the background to bring a Goliath down.

Matter of Choice said...

@parna: well..i dont really believe gmail has any privacy issue (the mail is scanned by computers). So i am not worried about that. Infact google is probably one company which I totally trust when i install s/w. But my point was that google (and its CEO) are becoming just another company. Not the idealistic, funky, down to earth company that they have managed to remain so long

@hope: education intended!!. just trying to be a crystal grazer :))

@silverine: exactly.and i hope too that google remains what it is and continues to churn out path breaking innovations.

Jiby said...

anish, one post i wud have written wuz how google has transformed my life.wuz a really informative post. like Gates, amusing to see another all-powerful CEO made to eat humble pie by the very product he created(remember Windows ME not booting at its high-profile launch in HongKong!).but they are able to monopolise everything they step into...i have saved countless thousands of dollars of money in buying textbooks and programming books thanks to google search...infact the joke doing the rounds at my univ wuz that google got us our master's degree and not wht the prof taught.

i wonder if google has stopped thinking of its users anymore...their version of mapquest is an example of shoddy UI! most of their troubles though are with influential tech companies in bay area whose engineers are getting poached by google for work on their upcoming OS...but this is free trade! it will be interesting to see who wins the Gates vs Google battle.

Jithu said...

lets hope google wont turn the microsoft way :-)

but one thing i admire abt google is their ability to innovate. the recent google talk and google maps are the greatest examples.

Anonymous said...

The War between the two giants is on
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Praveen said...

Google is definitely among the best things that has happened to internet. Nice post!

Anonymous said...

ahem.... where is the new post?


Pradeep said...

Hope the success doesn't go into the head of Google honchos. People in the know of things talk of Google as the next most useful invention after the wheel!!!