October 20, 2006

Pottanmar Pottayil!

Latest controversary in Kerala is about a police visit to the evangelical xtian enclave in Potta. It seems that the priests were operating a mental hospital without having the authority to do so. The priests say they were not operating a hospital but just a dispensary which was needed because lots of crazies visit that place!

Now thats what i would call as honesty!. Well atleast they didnt claim divine authority to operate a mental hospital!

Anyways, the opposition is crying violation of constitutionally guaranteed protection of minority interest (to do what eh?) and xtian organizations are darkly hinting at global repurcussions (mebbe the pope will step in to deal with the un-godly commies now that he has deftly dealt with the muslims!)

Actually, the govt should immediately grant them a license (and if necessary even the funds) to set up a much much larger mental hospital. Where else would you get such a large congregation of crazies who love to be treated and brainwashed!. I am not sure how they would react to mass shock therapy. But having heard about the skills of the pastors out there, i wouldnt be surprised if they manage to portray shock therapy as a kind of self-flaggellation necessary to "experience" god.

Note to NTPC: Do set up required infrastructure to supply some serious hi-voltage power to Potta!


Roopa said...

Wonderfully written. To be honest, it took sometime to understand the sarcasm. ;-)

silverine said...

rofl!!!! :))

"Now thats what i would call as honesty!"
"Note to NTPC: Do set up required infrastructure to supply some serious hi-voltage power to Potta!"

more rofl!!!!

I don't know what goes on in there..never had the good fortune of being dragged there but you seem to know a lot :P

The cheer squad of the devil with Ted as the head cheerleader rah rah rah lol
Good one!!!

Jiby said...

hmmm potta...seriously they deserved this sarcasm from you!

i have been just once to their retreat and i felt real stupid being there and i alambufied inside and almost got thrown out...all the noise and all those praise the lords...man its really a madhouse in there...and whats more sad is that you would find a lot of otherwise sane, rational people in there too!

Matter of Choice said...

@roopa: thx!

@silverine: yep i make it a point to keep myself updated on fanatics of all colours :)

@Jiby: yeah man...i had a couple of friends who were taken to that place by their family, they came back so drastically changed (for the worse!) and we had to spent a couple of months before we could reverse brainwash them!

Anonymous said...

"they came back so drastically changed (for the worse!)"

How can you judge what is good, "worse" or worst? Aren't you being judgemental here? And by 'reverse brainwash' you mean you bought him back to what you thought was right...right?
tsk tsk there is no difference between you and them! :)
Both are evangelists, mebe you should start such a centre of your own :p

Anonymous said...

I see immense business possibilities in such a centre. We can call it the "Matterofchoice Retreat Centre". Inmates will not have a matter of choice in anything. Their matter of choice will be decided by Mr MoC like what’s good and ‘worse’ for them. Brainwashing will be one of the free services and free medicines like Johnny Walker, Cognac will be provided. The only cost will be a smoll teeny weensy microscopic sum of ones soul that the patient will have to leave behind. That’s all!!!
What do you think? SF

Matter of Choice said...

hmmmm....i never claimed to be neutral...did i???...my view on religion is ofcourse patently hostile so i can only be judgemental on the subject!

Having said that, value of the so called "neutral" view points are overstated. Being passionate about a subject in no way disqualifies anyone from making valuable comments on a topic (as long as the author does not try to hide his beliefs). Rather it means that he/she is ignorant or afraid to take a stand!

and yes...by reverse brainwash i meant i brought them back to what i thought was correct!!!. Wasnt that clear from the way i wrote? :)

Peace :)

Anonymous said...

Being passionate about a subject in no way disqualifies anyone from making valuable comments on a topic

You went beyond taking a stand, you imposed your belief on others :)

"by reverse brainwash i meant i brought them back to what i thought was correct!!!. Wasnt that clear from the way i wrote? "

And thus I have proved that both are the same...evangelists who think 'their way' is right.

May the best 'cult' win!!!!

Prasanth "PC" Chandrahasan said...

Mone Madyam,
Nice post da. Keep it up. BTW have you heard of the new scandal in GEC Thrissur, Chemical Engineering Branch which is intimately connected with Pota Ashram. Try your links. If it doesn't work, lemme know. Smiles


Matter of Choice said...

Ofcourse i take a stand and say that My way is the right way :)(Courtesy: Amway)

Just like the pope who claims his way is the right way (hopefully he doesnt mean the Nazi youth wing of which he was a member when it suited him!)

Matter of Choice said...

@PC: When the dark forces of religion threaten to tear-apart the secular fabric, when fun becomes sin, when progress is called sacrilege, i knew i could count on the old para to come riding for the fight :))

sad to hear abt the Chem engg dept, the "Balalchemy" dept to the "jesus youth" dept, what a fall!!!

Anonymous said...

"Ofcourse i take a stand and say that My way is the right way"

...and they think their way is right!!!

And having proved my point I rest my case :p

Matter of Choice said...

@Silverine: dont know what ur point was, but i will let u rest :))

Anonymous said...

My point is that without solid evidence to support the fact that people get brainwashed in Potta and solid evidence to support the fact your take on this issue is right, you have no right to point fingers!! If your statement was supported by documented evidence then it would have been alright, but at this juncture it is mere conjucture. It is your blog and you have every right to say what you think, but then don't insist that your way is right! :)

Let me end by saying that I am neither for nor against Potta, but I don't think they or any other religious organisation deserve outright condemnation and ridicule on mere hearsay!

Matter of Choice said...

@Silverine: I thought u were resting!!! SF

Sorry..i play by different rules in my blog...i point fingers at anyone/anything which i dont like!, if you read my very first post u will understand that!

Neither did i claim any documentary evidence to my post, nor did i try to hide my personal feelings in the post.

On the other hand, i certainly have anecdotal evidence (including testimony of people who attended the place). And even most reputed news organizations occasionally use anecdotal evidence when documented evidence is unavailable!

I am against Potta - period!..i shall ridicule them (and other similar religious stuff!) to my heart's content, be it in blog, personal conversations!.

Anonymous said...

"Sorry..i play by different rules in my blog"

This argument wasn't about your blog genius. Guess you didn't get it, so leave it.

Prasanth "PC" Chandrahasan said...

Senorita Silverine: Sorry I haven't read all the trailing replies and debates. But gossipping being an art perfected in primary school, I have a recent, undocumented and first person evidence of one of those "brainwashes" performed at Potta. The case was a 'fall-in-love,marry, elope" story involving people of different religion. Of course they managed to break them apart. The guy (who happens to be my friend) is currently doing advanced research in alcohol consumption. Don't know where the girl is. Hope she is not trying out the "Potta side of life".



Matter of Choice said...

dey para!

good to see u back here!

and dont worry abt being "undocumented" on my blog :))