October 15, 2006

Wheres the party tonight?

Mumbai was partying hard on friday...and i hear NYC and London were no different.

Sensex closed at all time high on friday and Bloomberg had perfect timing when it hosted it's annual party - well actually they got lucky..the party was planned much earlier. I was one of those clients who were graciously invied for the "rocking party". Commuting from Powai to Worli is no fun, even if the traffic is in the opp direction and unlimited booze awaited us at the end!. The party ofcourse was celebration time, footsoldiers of the stock market trooped in straight from dalal street (the generals ofcourse had their own plans!), but the party mood was dampened by unfavorable sex ratio (no...i dont mean the "sex" ratio..rather the % of females in attendance to the total crowd!). Dalal street, it seems, is only slightly better than an engg college in kerala in encouraging gender diversity. To be honest, the booze was good, dessert even better and we did celebrate the sensex (afterall which punter can resist a free drink?).

Once we were loaded up with all the booze we could hold it was time to make good our escape (but only after bloomberg dutifully collected our visiting cards..guess i will have to replace my office no soon!).A long time resident of Worli suggested Hard Rock Cafe for the music and the "crowd"...never been to HRC hence decided to check it out...Music was horrible (more like soft rock!!) but the scenery was good though very crowded!

Lcation of HRC was even more interesting...one side of the road were the slums and on the other side was HRC (i think it was set up in one of those old textile mills). As we got out of our cars (past mid night) the smell of urine got thru even our alcohol-dulled sensory system. On the opp side were mini-skirted drunk PYT's deftly stepping aside sleeping bodies on their way to party. As good as a "contrast" that i had ever seen. Smart kids were running brisk business selling smokes. i am sure some of these will end up as billionaires in the not so distant future. After all they have the energy, after a day of hard work (unlikely any of them are attending school), to stay awake and continue on a second job late in the night that too with a smile on their face!. Kids, the world belongs to you (not to the pudgy techies nor to the obese punters!), you shall inherit the earth while we moan about over-work, office politics, crumbling infrastructure and torn social fabirc etc etc blah blah!.

I staggered home early morning and completed the usual practises of a party night, basically calling up all my married friends on their mobile/land line and wifey's phone (if they were stupid enuff to give me that!), made sure that their wife's will be sulking the entire weekend and thus they will eagerly await a monday!

But before i drifted off (with one of those wifey's gently remonstrating about my lifestyle!), i thought about the "India story" (yeah when i am drunk i think of stock markets...i am a pervert!!!..i am coming out of the closet here!!!!).

How could it be that if India is on a "secular bull run", Sensex and Dow Jones hit all time high's on the same day??

Well...wotever..atleast i knew where the party was tonight..and i was even invited!!!!!



Jiby said...

True...I am sure one of those kids will hit it big...though i wonder if they will become one of those hit-men in the underworld as they grow older like in the movies!

haha...the unfave sex ratio...how many times have i moaned that reality...and decided it better to stay home and drink, rather than go out and party!

Matter of Choice said...

@Jiby: Yep true...but then who can blame them if they took whatever way out of the gutter!..and i guess i am an optimist when drunk :). Oh yeah...the sex ratio...am sure u wuld have had it better in CSE...remember us poor chemicals!!

Anonymous said...

Good Read. A Refreshing one.

- Roopa

Matter of Choice said...

Thx Roopa

Anonymous said...

This has to be your best post!!! Wonderfully written, pacy and matter of fact...and oh yes, lurking humor too!

Matter of Choice said...

@ Silverine: Many thx for the sweet comment!!.
well the name is "matter of choice" so i try to be "matter of fact" :)